Brian Sheffield Interviews Chris Siders on His Experience as a Poet and Activist in the Monterey Bay.
art by Claire D.G.; poetry by Brian Sheffield
Jason R. Gallagher-Guerrero was a contributing editor at Evergreen Review. He is a member of The Unbearables poetry collective.
poetry by Sebastián Moya; photography by Clairette D.G.
art by Julia Simoniello; poetry by Kashiana Singh
art by Claire DG; poetry by Fizza Abbas
art by Elso; poetry by Kushal Poddar
art by Pole Ka; poetry by Thomas Fucaloro
art by Pole Ka; poetry by Holly Day
art by Claire D.G.; poetry by Craig Kite
art & found poetry by Liesl
art by Buttered Roll; poem by Sergio Satélite
art by Brian Geraghty; poetry by Simon Perchik
poem by Otabor Igbinosa Edmond; art by Claire DG
art and poetry by Ari Murillo-Edwards
poem by Brian Sheffield; art by Claire