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"Pillow" by Myles Ramon Johnson: Contemporary Visual Poetry

Pillow is the brainchild of Redondo Beach born filmmaker, Myles Ramon Johnson. Originally conceived fifteen years ago, according to Johnson, the details have changed over the years, but the concept has always been the same.

With its themes of masculinity, identity, and the struggle between the two, Pillow feels much like a visual poem. The lead is always attempting to move forward from her past, but is haunted by the thing she will ultimately become. The happy music surrounding it all adds a surreal layer to the background as a juxtaposition to not only heavy nature of the film, but also to the darker shades black and white impose on the screen.

"I wanted to make a short film that expressed how I felt at the time. And where I wasn't really interested in black and white films, I was moved by their Mise-en-scéne."

While this is his first officially released project, Johnson is looking ahead to further developing his complex, thematically juxtaposed vision. He says that his next few films will retain the same feel as Pillow, but will also explore "themes of love, religion, and power."

Pillow stars Jenly Crespo, Daryl Presley, and Anselmo Behrens.

Producer: Michael Gonzales

Sound: Kenta Hamada

Music: Andrew Soto & Robert Turner

Camera Operator: Justin M. Kelley

Director, Writer, Producer, and Editor: Myles Ramon Johnson

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