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We Saw Time Take the Stairs

Weather being en apesanteur, 4x6 inches, linocut monoprint, 2016

Do not blame me or what you hear,

We was once love birds without a nest.

Do not blame friendship or what I served,

Perhaps more would have been a better meal.

Do not blame time for when we met,

I was too much in this and you in that.

Do not blame what we've become my friend

For sometimes adios is often not the end

And if they're,

The memories are there to tend

The truth is, 

Before we first said 'hi', played high

And laughed so hard! 

We knew time would one day take the stairs

But we were too hysterical...by our moments

That when she did,

We failed to ask her where.?


Claire DG is a visual poet, artist and writer, a designer, a French teacher, and the Artistic Director of Mad Gleam Press.

Otabor Igbinosa Edmond is a Nigerian citizen, a lawyer, a writer and a poet. He graduated from the University of Benin in the year 2017. He considers writing a hobby which he takes seriously, with a soft spot for poetry. His email address is: .

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