POST(blank) is a bilingual English and French word-art publication, in which we curate a dialogue between the visual, literary and performance arts on contemporary issues affecting global society.

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Submission guidelines

Please submit in a single email
•  For poetry, submit up to 5 poems in separate files (.doc, .docx, or .pdf document only)
• For visual art, submit up to 5 images as high quality .jpeg, (at least A4 with 300dpi resolution) - please be aware that the magazine is printed in black&white (blog posts, however, display full color)
• For articles, non-fiction, fiction, etc, submit up to 3 pieces totaling 10 pages on separate files (.doc, .docx, or .pdf document only)

Send any material to , along with a short blurb about yourself. ​

We are particularly interested in any material which incorporates both words and image in combination. For submissions consisting of text or image alone, we will consider pieces which can be printed in dialogue with other submissions on the same page(s). We are also interested in prose such as articles and fiction/non-fiction which explores the theme. 

Book / Chapbook / Artist Book____

We are not currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. 

Submission guidelines

Send solicited materials to , along with a bio/resume.